The GFX Advantage

We strive to provide you with the best grounds services above and beyond that of our competitors.
From simple yet effective quality lawncare advantages to the best in personally cultivated plants.
Let us provide you with the highest quality
at the best prices.

Unlike many of our competitors that try to save money by hiring felons, illegals or other 'affordable' workers to save a buck, we ONLY hire college educated, proffessional people. Our staff are a handful of local talent that not only works hard to make your property look good, but also look as clean-cut as the work that they do. Who would you rather have representing your property? a group of people with baggy pants and boxers showing, or a professional team with khacky pants and polo's?

In contrast to our competors that just 'cut grass', we provide you with the best quality service from our diversified fleet of equipment.
We have dedicated 'residential' lawn equipment which are used exclusivly on well manacured lawns. Our mowers are not used for cutting fields, weedbeds or common areas littered with weeds and other undesirables which collect in the decks and are transfered to your lawn. Our 'residential' equipment will never introduce weed spores, undesirable fungi or toxic matter usually carried in to your lawn on the underside decks of 'commerical property mowers'.  You can be assured that our mower decks are clean when on your property with blades that are sharpened daily.
Clean decks and sharped blades result in the best cut each week.

WALK-BEHIND MOWERS (residential only)
We only use well maintained 'walk behind' mowers on your lawn. They are much lighter and far less damaging than tractor style mowers.
Each mower has a 'floating deck' which eliminates the risk of 'scalping' of uneven surfaces.
The deck heights are adjusted per each application based on your needs and environmental conditions.
Walk Behind mowers are hundreds of pounds lighter than the rider style, which equates to less ground compacting.
Walk Behind mowers are 20% slower which virtually eliminates skiding and divits left from zero turns.

The owner of the company is personally on-site to ensure your property is maintained to the highest of quality. Our goal is to build a strong personal relationship with our customers which equates to better customer service. If at any time you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to ask us for help.

We are so confidante that you will love our "Bloomin Gals" that we will plant your flowers for FREE.  Think about how much time it will take you to run to town, spend over an hour selecting flowers (form a retailer), load them, bring them home, place them, plant them then clean up the mess...Our 'Gals' can have 10 flats planted for nearly the same cost you can purchase them for.
Our flowers are 'farm direct' which in many cases have been planted and cultivated by our staff. The advantage of farm direct stock vs. retail is that we do not spray chemical retardents on the plants to increase shelf life by limiting growth. Also, 'farm direct' means that the flowers you purchase are grown locally to the highest of standards and the profits stay here in our economy. A definate plus in these times. Have the Bloomin Gals visit within 30 days of planting and we will warrenty. If they die for any reason, we will replace them.

We have a handful of mulch suppliers that we choose from. Our goals is to provide you with the BEST product at an affordable price. We do this by constantly reviewing our supplier base and choosing the best product for you. You can choose from a selection of premium bark, colored recycled mulches and our recycled rubber mulches. We are 'green' when it comes to environental concerns.